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On this page you are free to submit articles via E-mail and we will put on what your opinion is.  It will not be submitted if it is just a article saying how bad our site is, but it can be bad about and editorial on out site or one of our opinions.  You can also feel free to discuss any modern issue around campus or in the news.  We will only edit the article for profanity or vulgarity and if you are just trying to joke the sight.  If your article is too long we may just put it on in parts.  Feel free to state your opinions this a sight open to any memeber of the school.




The Problems With Social Issues

In today's world the government legislating social behavior has become a major issue.  Many people believe that the government does not regulate social behavior enough while others feel that the government interferes too much.  This is a very difficult issue for many people and they find it hard to express their opinions.  The government has always found it very hard to deal with this issue because most people's opinions vary greatly when dealing with this issue.

In the past the government had the same problems when dealing with the issue.  My opinion is that many people when discussing this issue become very hypocritical and go against what they originally said.  I feel that the government is doing a pretty good job when dealing with these issues.  Legislation is made to try and do what is in the best interest in all people and that can be very hard to determine.  On issues like the Patriot Act many people feel the government is spying in on their homes, but this is not true because the government is just trying to protect its citizens.  People always want to be protected, but they do not want the government to be spying on them.  The truth is, the government has always been able to find out what they need to know about you just in different ways.  There is no way that they are legislated enough to say that they cannot investigate you.  There is always something the government wants to find out, now it is just a little easier for them to.  I feel that if I am not doing anything wrong then the government is not going to care what I am doing.  They do not really even know who I am, to them I am a number or a name that the computer filters through to make sure I am not trying to harm the citizens of the country.

The next issue that comes up in today's world is the issue dealing with gay marriage.  This is an issue in which I feel very strongly about for instance I have looked up the definition of marriage in the dictionary.  The definition reads, "The act of marrying or the ceremony entered into by a man and woman so as to live together as husband and wife." (Suplicki, Molino, 1999 New York)  This definition come strait form Webster's Dictionary and I agree whole heartedly with their definition.  This is also a very religious issue for many people like me and I feel that the issue is not that hard to determine, marriage has been an institution for thousands of years and should not be changed.  Marriage is something holy and in the Christian religion.  It is not right to believe in gay marriage as a strong Christian.  I feel that if you want to be gay that is perfectly fine with me, but you cannot be married just because you feel it is your right.  It is not something that should be taken away from religion or from a well valued institution.  Just because you are gay it does not mean that you should have the rights to tax brakes and other institutional ideas, you do not fit what marriage means so you should not be able to get the incentives of marriage.

Today the issue at hand is legalizing drugs; many people believe that this would greatly reduce the crime in our cities.  Though this may be true to an extent it would only work for a while until there were better drugs to sell and cause more gangs.  If you feel that drugs should be legalized then you feel that the government should not be able to enter into your home or be able to regulate what you do.  The truth is when you feel this way then you are being a hypocrite.  If your belief is that the government cannot regulate what goes on in your home then you could say that if you are beating your child in your home the government cannot stop you.  That a murder committed in your home should be legal because it is your home.

The government should be able to regulate you because most of the time they are trying to do what is in the best interest for you.  Sometimes the government may overstep their boundaries but they already do that anyway just without your knowledge.  If you have such a problem with the government interfering with your life, then what leads you to have to worry that you did something wrong.


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