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Tars is a student run club trying to create a better government and trying to gain knowledge about politics.  It is a way for many of us to express our common views and ideas about the news and government.

Goals Accomplished

This year so far we acieved our goals by creating a very active club on campus.  We have started a Conservatism Seminar that is every week on Thursday from 5:30-6:30.  There has currently been one trip to volunteer at the North Carolina State Republican Headquarters.  We have formed multiple commitees that are still in the process of achieving their goal.

Future Goals

This year we have many new and interesting ideas of things to do to make the club the best on campus.  Here are a few of our future goals:

  • Create Club T-Shirts

  • A trip a month to State Headquarters

  • Flags in every classroom

  • Care packages for troops